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Why Should I Hire a Worker’s Comp Attorney?

If you have been injured in an accident while on the job, you may likely be covered under worker’s compensation, and have the legal right to seek these benefits. However, your employer and the attorneys representing them may be working diligently to ensure that you do not receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to. With this in mind, it is often a good idea to enlist an experienced Morris workers’ compensation lawyer to help you get the benefits that you need for medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, and more.

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When Should I Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

In the days following your accident you may consider what the help of an attorney can do to make the claims process easier. Many victims of workplace accidents will accept a settlement that is less than they deserve because they are unaware that they deserved more. Victims of workplace injuries may benefit from consulting an attorney in many instances including:

  • Your claim has been denied
  • Your ability to work has been affected
  • You experience difficulties in getting the treatment you need

Do You Have a Work Comp Claim?

Depending on the industry you work in, accidents and injuries can happen from a variety of incidents. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repetitive strain from typing, bending, or other repeated motions
  • Car, truck, or accidents involving other types of vehicles
  • injuries resulting from working with heavy or dangerous machinery
  • Injuries resulting from improper training or safety standards
  • Chemical injuries or burns
  • Injuries from improperly maintained equipment or equipment malfunction or failure
  • Back, neck, or spine injuries from any of the above, or more

When you’ve been injured while on the job, it is important to bring the accident up with your supervisor or manager so they can make an official report. Do not hesitate in seeking medical attention and ensure your doctor makes detailed notes of your injury. Follow up with your doctor, and/or with the doctor recommended by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, so they can keep a close eye on your injuries and monitor any worsening symptoms.

Our attorneys can use these reports, as well as other evidence and witness statements, to create a workers’ compensation claim that seeks the full amount of financial assistance that you are entitled to. It is important to remember that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance may not have your best interests in mind, meaning they may offer you a lowball settlement or attempt to deny your claim all together. With help from Mueller, Lawson & Frobish, P.C., you can rest easier knowing that we are fighting for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Our Experience Makes a Difference!

Having spent more than two decades handling workers’ compensation cases, there are few challenges that catch us by surprise. In fact, the majority of the issues that come up are ones that we have successfully overcome in order to get positive results for people just like you. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, our lawyers are able to take on any issue that comes up in compensation cases for workers hurt on-the-job.

At Mueller, Lawson & Frobish, P.C., we offer:

  • An extensive track record of positive results for our clients
  • Attorneys with more than 85 years of combined experience, and who are well-respected and known in the courtroom
  • Work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t pay anything unless you recover compensation

Pursuing Maximum Compensation

You have bills that need to be paid immediately. Because of this, obtaining a fair and timely result is critical. However, our Morris worker’s compensation attorneys also understand the importance of getting you all of the benefits you are entitled to. In order to maximize your compensation, we will look for additional opportunities outside the area of workers’ compensation, such as filing personal injury claims when possible.

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